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Baby Fever

Sorry Blog Readers I failed you with my prior commitment, weekly posting is altogether harder than it seems I was so busy last week I didn't even realize that I had forgot! So this week I shot two teeny tiny babies! :)  Gotta love them. I'm super excited and Plan on adding both sessions to my website in the next week or so! Super Pumped! Keeps your eyes peeled for more exciting things are coming soon!


I'm so excited to be posting my first blog! I'm thinking about adding a section on my website for a photo contest I'd like to hear some feedback about doing this! Basically you would pay a few bucks to enter and the winner would get the pot! Judging would be based on several different subjects such as lighting, composer and overall creativity. I would have a panel of judges that are all professionals to help me determine the winners. So what do you think?  Also Coming Soon , Photo Parties!
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